Scenic Views and Little Jewels

Hello Everyone!

Once more we’ve set off for another whirlwind day of adventure. Today we set off for the little town of Luzern (or Lucerne – whichever you prefer). So join us as we go through the motions of the typical tourist and watch as Switzerland demonstrates its appreciation for its history.

Hey guys! Feather here off on another day of exploration! Today we are heading off to the picturesque town of Luzern! And…we’ll get to eat proper Swiss food at a real restaurant! Such luxuries! It’s most definitely going to break our budget, but who cares! We’re on holiday, what’s a little over spending when you’ve saved up for such an exhilarating experience!

Welcome to Luzern! The people here are friendly, and the sights are very pretty. Not only are there many European influences in the buildings surrounding us, but just the view across the lake is enough to make anyone want to live here! I mean come on, just look at that view! You can’t do it justice in pictures!

Ok so down to business, to be honest, this place reminds me of Venice, it’s small alleys and cobblestone hills just have that charm that no one can quite truly define. Even the bridges across the lake have that unique quality that says “you know you’re going to love me!”

But enough about that, it’s time to tell you what we did today. So first things first, we ate at that proper restaurant I was telling you about. It’s called Stadkeller. It’s a cute little place and very easy to miss, if you aren’t looking, but the food is good, the entertainment is lovely and you can’t go wrong with listening to a couple of Swiss folk songs while you stuff yourself with the cheese fondue here!


Ok, here’s my recommendation, if you want to have a good time (and I mean you want to laugh at your friends and peers) you should go to this little place, but you have to book a table in advance so that you can guarantee yourselves a good spot. Our table wasn’t so bad, we got to see everything, but if you want to be pulled up on stage, try and get one closer to the front…and the reason why you’d want to get up on there…you get to yodel with the band, drink beer in one gulp and try out the long horn that is pretty much a symbol for this country. You might also want to think about saving up a bit of your budget for this restaurant, the prices here…well let’s just say they equal to a standard seat at west end theatres in London, and it is worth it. I mean for the price you’re paying, you get food and a show!

Ok so after stuffing ourselves on bread and cheese, and our main meals (which were very delicious by the way) we set off to walk around town, but once again, my family’s laziness kicked in and we found another tour train that went throughout the entire city of Luzern! We passed by local monuments and landmark buildings, we even caught a glimpse of the famous “Dying Lion” that was carved into the rock of the nearest mountains! I didn’t manage to get a good picture, since I was sitting on the opposite side, but the look on that lion’s face looked like pure agony…in fact it reminded me of Aslan as he was dying on the stone table…coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, after that, we took a walk on the Chapel Bridge, that spans the lake that cuts through Luzern, and I have to say, has J.K Rowling ever been to Switzerland? Because, there is something very familiar about this bridge…

So while we were walking along the bridge, we noticed panels that were stuck to the beams above our heads, these were the painted scenes that make this bridge so fascinating. Apparently, the bridge houses the story of the Dance of the Dead, I wasn’t paying attention much but I do know it is a macabre sight on such a pretty bridge.

Well that was pretty much it, because we didn’t have much time to stay, if we did, I’d probably have much more stories. For now, we’re heading back to Interlaken to finally take a look around, since we didn’t get a proper feel for the place the first time.

Ok, scratch that, we didn’t go to Interlaken, but that is only because we took a detour into one of the villages nearby. It’s small and it doesn’t have much, in terms of tourist attractions, but that’s only because the main attraction is the view! Just look at the mountains and the lake! It’s so pretty and so peaceful here I think I might cry! I miss the view already, and pictures do not do it justice! I mean, just imagine, if you were an artist or a writer or a musician, or any sort of creative arts person, you’d just want to live here, let your mind wander, let the mountains and the lake do all the thinking for you and let your daydreams just take flight! Seriously, if I do ever get rich, I’m moving out here, just so I can finish my novels and writings because living in a city does nothing for creativity…unless your inspiration comes from such busy places.

Anyway, that’s it from us here in Switzerland, tomorrow we’ll be going on a drive around the mountains…so tomorrow’s post will be nothing but pictures, so don’t expect anything too long from me, but we might be visiting that mountain top restaurant that we were initially going to visit our first day here, so keep an eye out for that.

Well, I’m all done now, I’ll see y’all tomorrow! Oh and don’t forget to leave a like and a comment if you have any suggestions, tips and advice for us, and if you have any stories of your own! I’d love to hear them!

Well, this is Feather signing out!

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