Waterfalls and Mountain Tops

Hello Everyone!

Feather here, still in Switzerland, and I can’t believe how beautiful it is here. Seriously, this place has opened up my eyes to how beautiful nature truly is. Well let’s get started shall we?

Another day, another adventure! Today, the schedule is this:

1. Nearby waterfalls/Grindewald

2. Interlaken

3. Church (since we’re Catholic and we keep the traditions)

So this morning, mom and dad woke up pretty early – they were going by a digital clock that was completely wrong (my dad thought it was 10:00am but it was actually 8:00am) – so my sister and I were the last out the door, and as they were waiting for us to get ready, mom had wandered off and found the source of the sound we heard last night (basically we heard rushing water, like a waterfall or something, and that’s what we thought it was). It turns out that the sound came from a fast flowing river nearby and it was really pretty, especially with the mountains behind it.

IMG_2942 IMG_2945


We took a lot of pictures, since we had a lot of time and mom wasn’t in any hurry to get where we were going, and I spent like 10 minutes trying to get a really good picture of the distant glacier, behind the mountains, but it was a lost cause. I guess the camera wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be. Oh well, I did get other really pretty pictures anyway!

So after taking these pictures, we went for a drive up one of the mountains, not completely to the top, since we were still at the base, but I guess you could say we went to one of the nearby hills, and found one of the nearby waterfalls. I wasn’t actually paying attention to it, and thought it was just something we found and wanted to take a picture of it. Turns out it is the waterfall we had planned to view. It wasn’t that great (I’d seen better in Iceland), but it was pretty anyway, although a bit terrifying. I mean, when you look at a waterfall, you think it’s going in slow motion but, if you’ve ever gone free falling, you know that’s not the case. My stomach literally jumped because the water was literally free falling off that cliff!



So now, what’s going on? We are on our way to Grindewald (no, not the wizard Dumbledore defeated). It’s an actual place! The mountain Eiger lives here (the inspiration for The North Face), I can’t wait to see it! Well, I’ll see you guys there!

Switzerland is a truly beautiful place. Walking around Grindewald and looking up at the mountains is such a peaceful experience. These pictures nor my words can do it justice. Seriously, the calm atmosphere here is something that no simulation can replicate! You literally have to be here to feel it. I just want to sit on a bench here and stare at these mountains all day, but unfortunately “places to go, things to see”.

Ok so I said y’all will get to see the mountain…but actually, we weren’t sure which one was the mountain, there were so many, ON ALL FOUR SIDES, it was hard to pick it out. Maybe you guys can find it for us. If you know which one is the Eiger, leave a comment below, and let us all know which one the Eiger is.

Anyway, on our way back to the car, we stopped by the tourist office and we found a bunch of leaflets about Grindewald and Switzerland, and because Grindewald is a sports town, there were loads of leaflets about mountain climbing and other winter sports activities. If you’re a winter sports fan, this town is for you! But that’s not the point. One of the leaflets we’d found, was for the famous mountain toboggan slide that you’d probably seen somewhere on the internet. YEAH THAT ONE! I really wanted to go, but I also didn’t want to because I am not dressed for it. I am wearing a freaking skirt for goodness sake! But thank goodness mom decided that we’d do it some other time this week, since we do have a week here, so I will be dressed for it then! Can’t wait!

Now that we’re in the car, we’re on the way to Interlaken to eat! I hope it isn’t too expensive…I’m saying that but I know it probably will be.

Let’s take a detour!

Ok so there was a change of plans. Instead of going to Interlaken we went back to the apartment we were staying at, to have lunch, which made things easier for our wallets. After that we chilled for a bit…well ok, we chilled for 3 hours, since my sister took a nap and didn’t wake up until three hours later. During that time I just coloured in my postcards! I’m almost done with it! And actually, it was nice just chilling like that, it was relaxing and I have to say, it was nice not being in w hurry or glued to a computer screen. Although having said that, after being here and seeing the mountains, my fingers are itching to get back to the story I’ve been working on. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the day we can get home.

So where are we off to now? Well, since we still have a few hours of the day left, mom decided to go to Bern and see the astronomical clock that is the city’s main feature. So now we are driving down to Bern, I just hope it doesn’t rain, despite what my weather app says, I really want the sun to stay out a little longer.

Well, I was wrong about the whole raining thing. On our way back to the car, it started raining. But that’s not the only disappointing thing about this trip. So when we got to the clock (after getting lost just to look around the pretty city) it was 4:55pm and the guide we’d asked for directions from, told us to get there at that time so that we can watch the clock go through the works, but there wasn’t much to it. The astronomical clock in Prague was much more entertaining! All this one did was chime the hour! I mean, there was a bit at around 4:57pm, but it wasn’t for very long so there really wasn’t much point in hanging out around the clock. After that we went to McDonalds, because…you can’t have a holiday with a little bit of McDonalds. My sister ordered s McFlurry, and my mom and I wanted chocolate sundaes. Now this is where things get really disappointing. The ice cream machine ran out of ice cream! So we basically waited for like 10 minutes while they refilled it, but we couldn’t stay for very long because we still wanted to go to Interlaken. So mom got a refund and we left aft that. That was the most depressing experience I have had on this trip! Oh well, let’s just say I’m losing weight so I don’t feel like I’d missed out.

So we are now on our way to Interlaken for a brief tour around, see y’all there!

Ok, so Interlaken isn’t too far from our apartment, I only realised that once we left. So we went to the church there, and well thanked God for our trip so far, and then we drove around the city proper because we couldn’t be bothered to go walking, not to mention it was starting to get dark and we passed by really fancy hotels and shops, that sort of flared my anger and jealousy…because people must be dirt rich just to be able to afford such accommodations and goods! It makes me sick and jealous because I wanna buy all these things but I am happy to be as poor as I am (I say poor, there are poorer, and I’m not complaining!).

Well anyway that’s it from me today, I’m gonna go finish that postcard, and get some good night’s sleep…because I didn’t get to nap this afternoon!

So let me know what you think, and if you’ve been to Switzerland…if you have, let me know which places are good to buy cheap souvenirs!

This is Feather signing out!

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