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Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

Hello Everyone! Today’s a different post from usual, since my composer is currently in the midst of lots of projects and other things, so I’m going to be covering for a while, until he composes another great piece for you guys! So, I’ll be writing a review on a song that has been requested by… Continue reading Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

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Distraction And Me

Hello Everyone! So, over the last two years, I’ve been sporadic with my blog activity. There are points in the year where I’m more consistent; other times, I haven’t been as active and sometimes, I’m on hiatus. Last year, getting back into blogging wasn’t so much of a struggle, I had the motivation and the… Continue reading Distraction And Me

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Feather’s Stories: A World Apart

Hello Everyone! I've not been up to much crochet projects recently, since I've been busy at work, so I've decided to grace you with another story. This one isn't a script, but a beginning of what could be a good side project, once I'm done with my knitting ones. So far, it's just a snippet… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: A World Apart

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Building A Bullet Journal

Hello Everyone! Today I’ll be talking about a new “hobby” I’ve been obsessed with for the past few weeks (months, actually…). Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve already briefly introduced the subject of bullet journalism, but I haven’t exactly explained what it is. Of course, I’m a bit late on… Continue reading Building A Bullet Journal

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Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

Hello Everyone! Today's post isn't one from me this time, as you probably guessed by now. This one is created by Orrie! Yes, Orrie has come back to play! So, what has he created for you? Read on and you'll find out! Hello all! After yet another terrible 24 hours of ‘that Monday feeling’ what… Continue reading Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

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Human Or Robot: Blade Runner

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! This week I have decided that I would review another must-see in the film industry, which will have another film released, in it's franchise. Blade Runner! Again I'm not going to warn you about spoilers, purely because it has been out for so long. Source… Continue reading Human Or Robot: Blade Runner

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A Kindness A Day

Hello Everyone! Today I want to talk about something that I know a lot of people have spoken about before, but I think we all need a little reminder every once in a while. So often we’re caught up in our own troubles, we forget to do that little bit for humanity. Just to give… Continue reading A Kindness A Day