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Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

Hello Everyone! Today’s a different post from usual, since my composer is currently in the midst of lots of projects and other things, so I’m going to be covering for a while, until he composes another great piece for you guys! So, I’ll be writing a review on a song that has been requested by… Continue reading Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

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Feather’s Music: Development And Progression

Happy Friday music nerds! I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of freedom, for the next 48 hours! Welcome to ‘Part II’ of my little series that I put together, to show you how I like to add contrast in a piece, and some of the different ways I usually develop my themes. Since part one,… Continue reading Feather’s Music: Development And Progression

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Feather’s Music: The First Of Three

Happy weekend all! I hope you’re having the finest Friday evening, full of merry making and friendly gatherings. For this week’s post I’ve decided to do something a little different, rather than revealing a (mostly) completed piece that I then dissect in your honor, so that you may understand how my overly-excitable brain works when… Continue reading Feather’s Music: The First Of Three

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Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

Hello Everyone! Today's post isn't one from me this time, as you probably guessed by now. This one is created by Orrie! Yes, Orrie has come back to play! So, what has he created for you? Read on and you'll find out! Hello all! After yet another terrible 24 hours of ‘that Monday feeling’ what… Continue reading Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

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Guest Post: Let’s Discover Something New

Hello Everyone! Today I have something new, and something exciting. So, as you know Fenwick is having a little bit of difficulty when it comes to resources and being able to write new music. That's why, I've hired another musically gifted artist, who just so happens to love composing, and making new music. His name… Continue reading Guest Post: Let’s Discover Something New


Feather’s Music: Blocked

Good after evening and welcome to the third hour of my blank gaze, into the abyss of creativity. Something I run into more often than not is this, same, grey, stone wall, in the middle of the path, I was walking along nicely. But at some point, I stopped paying attention and found myself at… Continue reading Feather’s Music: Blocked

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Guest Post: A New Introduction

Hello Everyone! Here's something new...I think I'll give it a try. As you are probably well aware, my music section is looking rather bare and outdated. So, I thought it would be a good idea to bring someone who actually knows what they're doing, as opposed to me, who just tries to arrange Catholic hymns… Continue reading Guest Post: A New Introduction