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Feather’s Crafts: Squarely Crochet

Hello Everyone! Today I’ll be giving you a crochet pattern you can try, instead of a story post! Finally! Ok, so this pattern isn’t mine, but I absolutely love it, and I’ll be working on it for the next few months, because I want to make a huge blanket out of it! Well…maybe not a… Continue reading Feather’s Crafts: Squarely Crochet

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Feather’s Crafts: We Are Up And Running

Hello Everyone! This one’s going to be a short one. Actually, it’s an announcement! The Feather’s Charm Shop is now open! Ok, so we’re not fully open, since we haven’t much to offer yet. In fact, only one product is currently on the market. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here it is. I… Continue reading Feather’s Crafts: We Are Up And Running

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Busy Hands And Busy Minds

Hello Everyone! So, I’ve been rather busy lately, and I’ve not been posting things up as regularly as I’d liked, but I’m back on the wagon, and I’m ready with plenty of ideas for you guys! For today’s post, I’ll be talking about the best ways you can keep busy. This is great for those… Continue reading Busy Hands And Busy Minds

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Feather’s Crafts: Wrapping Up Madness

Hello Everyone! Today, I’ve got another crochet post for y’all! This time it’s a scarf! Yes I know, a very mundane and very overly done pattern, especially for those of us who know how to crochet the harder patterns. Well tough! This is one of the very first patterns I’ve ever made by myself, and… Continue reading Feather’s Crafts: Wrapping Up Madness

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Feather’s First Time Cooking!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Craft’s section! So as promised, I’m starting out this section with a cooking story! Yes, I know I’ve made at least two other posts on my blog about this cooking thing! But here’s the full story! Source Ok, so first off you need to know, I’ve only ever fried my… Continue reading Feather’s First Time Cooking!