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Annihilation Review

Hello, Secondbaseknight here! It's time for me to give you my review on Netflix's Annihilation. So, before we start this post please leave a like and follow Feather Charm on all our social media, to support what we do, anyway on with the review. More Questions Than Answers? Annihilation. From the writer and director of… Continue reading Annihilation Review

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Feather’s Games: EVO 2017 Surprises

Hello, everyone, it's Sugar Daddy here, bringing you the gaming news. This past couple of weekends, a lot of fighting game fans were on Twitch, glued to their computer screens as they watched the live streams of multiple fighting games, at the biggest fighting game tournaments. We watched the best players around the world, fight… Continue reading Feather’s Games: EVO 2017 Surprises