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A New Breed Of Alien

Hello, everyone, it’s SecondBaseKnight, here to bring you an idea for a film. In fact, this is a message for 20th-century fox and Ridley Scott. I believe that it is safe to say that SBK has seen a lot of films; I know this because I recently went through a list of Empire's top 100… Continue reading A New Breed Of Alien

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Hello, my fellow gamers! Sugar Daddy here to give you some news about the gaming world, and what caught my eye were these two pieces from Ubisoft. Sadly, I am not the biggest fan of the company, but I have always followed them, especially since I played and loved the Assassin's Creed franchise, up to… Continue reading UBISOFT NEWS

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Alien Covenant: We have a problem!

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! It's good to be putting up another post for all of you. This week, we head back to a sci-fi/thriller franchise that has been going for many decades. Let's take a trip back to Ridley Scott's world of Alien, in its latest instalment 'Alien Covenant.' Again,… Continue reading Alien Covenant: We have a problem!

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Hello my Jedi or should I say Sith Lords. We have had a taste of a Star Wars Battlefront and to be fair we enjoyed it, but we were also a bit disappointed. Now, however, with the latest news of Star Wars Battlefront 2, could we be seeing a Star Wars game that we have… Continue reading STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2