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A New Breed Of Alien

Hello, everyone, it’s SecondBaseKnight, here to bring you an idea for a film. In fact, this is a message for 20th-century fox and Ridley Scott. I believe that it is safe to say that SBK has seen a lot of films; I know this because I recently went through a list of Empire's top 100… Continue reading A New Breed Of Alien

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Feather And The Gang Are Back!

Happy New Year Everyone! After a three (or four) month hiatus, Feather and her team are back! That’s right baby! We’re coming back! So, look forward to more music, film, gaming, crafts and random madness from us. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why we were on hiatus in the first place…well, let’s just say… Continue reading Feather And The Gang Are Back!

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Fairytales Going Wrong – A Review On Once Upon A Time

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the week where we review something! This week was a particularly hard one to find something to review. I haven’t bought anything new recently, nor have I watched any new movies or TV shows, so it was rather difficult to think of something. However, just as I had begun… Continue reading Fairytales Going Wrong – A Review On Once Upon A Time