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League of Legends – In-Game 103

Learning The Simplicities Hello all! It's LL, back again to teach you more about League of Legends. Following on from the last few weeks, I will be continuing with in-game mechanics, and I'm now going to be focusing fully on the late game, and how one slip up impacts the game massively. Source Without further… Continue reading League of Legends – In-Game 103

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Feather’s Stories: A World Apart

Hello Everyone! I've not been up to much crochet projects recently, since I've been busy at work, so I've decided to grace you with another story. This one isn't a script, but a beginning of what could be a good side project, once I'm done with my knitting ones. So far, it's just a snippet… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: A World Apart

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Feather’s Crafts: Snippets and Writer’s Block

Hello Everyone! Today’s piece is a bit different. As many of you know, I’m a writer, and not just a blog writer, I’m currently trying to write my first novel, and I’m trying to practice my screenwriting abilities, since I am a filmmaker as well. So, you can probably guess that this week’s piece is… Continue reading Feather’s Crafts: Snippets and Writer’s Block

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Questions in the Air 2

Good after evening and welcome to the second part of this unnecessary question time that no one asked for. Hurrah! Some of the later questions were also interesting so I'll try to keep my answers a bit more concise that I may be able to get through them all in this second sitting, lest there… Continue reading Questions in the Air 2

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Questions in the Air

Good after evening, and welcome to I still haven't got anything worth writing about. So I thought I'd find a nice long Q&A to entertain you with my opinions. Without further ado, let's go: 1. Do you play an/several instrument(s)? If so, what instrument(s)? I'm sure I've answered this before but here's the list of… Continue reading Questions in the Air

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Chaos In Order

Hello Everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about a topic, I think is rather important…Organisation. No, not like businesses or business empires, I mean the act of being organised. Many people think it’s about having everything in a certain place, and keeping it that way…well, for most of us (including me, since I work in a… Continue reading Chaos In Order

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Guest Post: The Old Go Out with Style

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! It's good to be putting up another post for all of you. This week, we steer into Hollywood's comedy scene, with a crime infused plot and acting legends, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin. Again I will say if you have not seen it and intend… Continue reading Guest Post: The Old Go Out with Style