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When Is The Next Full Moon!

Werewolves, where are you? SOURCE Hello everyone, it's SecondBaseKnight here, with another film post. Since so many people enjoyed the concept of a “New Film Idea” of the Alien franchise, I thought I would make another one, but this time, with a movie monster that seems to have been forgotten, even though it helped many… Continue reading When Is The Next Full Moon!

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Distraction And Me

Hello Everyone! So, over the last two years, I’ve been sporadic with my blog activity. There are points in the year where I’m more consistent; other times, I haven’t been as active and sometimes, I’m on hiatus. Last year, getting back into blogging wasn’t so much of a struggle, I had the motivation and the… Continue reading Distraction And Me

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Feather’s Charm Is Going On Hiatus!

Hello Everyone! We’re very sorry to have to say this, but Feather and all her friends, Fenwick, LL, Sugar Daddy, and Orrie are all going on hiatus. There are many reasons Feather has decided to take a break, and one of them is because she’s become so busy, it’s difficult for her to track all… Continue reading Feather’s Charm Is Going On Hiatus!

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Feather’s Stories: This Is Our Battle Cry

Hello Everyone! I’ve been trying hard to get back into my novel writing, but of course, with all these other projects, it’s quite difficult (maybe one day I can delegate these tasks to other people). However, in the spare time I do have, I am rather inspired to write. The only problem with that is… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: This Is Our Battle Cry

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Hope For Better

Hello Everyone! Today I want to talk about hope. Yes, hope. No, I don't mean hoping that all wars would cease, or we'd all live off renewable energy, but the hope that you will have a better tomorrow than you had today. Believe me, I've had that experience before, and I have learned many lessons… Continue reading Hope For Better

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Feather’s Reviews: The Beacon of Light that is Diana

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! As you'll be seeing me more often, I thought that I'd switch up the style of review, so I review more than just the plot (as that's what a review is meant to be). This week is a focus on DC's latest film Wonder Woman in… Continue reading Feather’s Reviews: The Beacon of Light that is Diana

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Music Is The Way To My Stomach

Good after evening, and welcome to... My appetite. Today's blog post is brought to you by a 5 hour shift with no break and a reminder that the gig, I'm singing for this weekend, comes with dinner. And that's entirely what I want to talk about. Dinner. If there is anything in this world that… Continue reading Music Is The Way To My Stomach