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Annihilation Review

Hello, Secondbaseknight here! It's time for me to give you my review on Netflix's Annihilation. So, before we start this post please leave a like and follow Feather Charm on all our social media, to support what we do, anyway on with the review. More Questions Than Answers? Annihilation. From the writer and director of… Continue reading Annihilation Review

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Feather And The Gang Are Back!

Happy New Year Everyone! After a three (or four) month hiatus, Feather and her team are back! That’s right baby! We’re coming back! So, look forward to more music, film, gaming, crafts and random madness from us. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why we were on hiatus in the first place…well, let’s just say… Continue reading Feather And The Gang Are Back!

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Guest Post: Let’s Discover Something New

Hello Everyone! Today I have something new, and something exciting. So, as you know Fenwick is having a little bit of difficulty when it comes to resources and being able to write new music. That's why, I've hired another musically gifted artist, who just so happens to love composing, and making new music. His name… Continue reading Guest Post: Let’s Discover Something New

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Feather’s Games: EVO 2017 Surprises

Hello, everyone, it's Sugar Daddy here, bringing you the gaming news. This past couple of weekends, a lot of fighting game fans were on Twitch, glued to their computer screens as they watched the live streams of multiple fighting games, at the biggest fighting game tournaments. We watched the best players around the world, fight… Continue reading Feather’s Games: EVO 2017 Surprises

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Feather’s Games: New Controllers – A Helping Hand

Hello, gamers it’s Sugar Daddy here! Well, it has been a while, but I am back to answer a question that a lot of gamers ask, should I invest in a better controller to help me play better? The answer is yes AND no. This comes down to your play style and how much you… Continue reading Feather’s Games: New Controllers – A Helping Hand

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Feather’s Fashion: New Career Paths

Hello Everyone! As I mentioned last week, Feather is now on a new mission to become a model! So, as practice, I’m taking to Instagram with new pictures and a new style! This week, I’m taking the “Urban” look, and revamping it. So, take a look below! World Class Inspiration First off, before I show… Continue reading Feather’s Fashion: New Career Paths

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Feather’s Music: M A N I A

Good after evening and tell me: Fall Out Boy, who even are you? A feeling. A reason to feel. A feeling to reason. My blog posts are free beings, and as such, are subjected to heavy bias, as I choose topics that interest and influence me on a weekly basis. Thus, I cry, internally, as… Continue reading Feather’s Music: M A N I A