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Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

Hello Everyone! Forgive me for the blackout, I’ve been very busy lately, thanks to the increase in hours at work, the pickup of the short film project with No Input, and a few requests, from my friends and family, to crochet for them a few items. So, my first post back from this blackout, is… Continue reading Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

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Like "ukulele" and "update" in one word.. Like "uku-date" but just "uk"... Good after evening, and welcome to a short one. Short because I haven't got much of anything going on, in all honesty. Firstly, however, shout out to PRS for reading last week's sad little post, actually enjoying it and even offering me a… Continue reading Uk-Date

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The Age Of Shorts – A Review On Short Animations On YouTube

Hello Everyone! Today is going to be a bit different from the ordinary film reviews, or beauty reviews, y’all know I do. I’ll be talking about something I’ve found on the internet, and I’m not joking, they’re masterpieces! What I’ve discovered can be found on YouTube. It’s the wonderful world of short animated projects. That’s… Continue reading The Age Of Shorts – A Review On Short Animations On YouTube