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Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

Hello Everyone! Forgive me for the blackout, I’ve been very busy lately, thanks to the increase in hours at work, the pickup of the short film project with No Input, and a few requests, from my friends and family, to crochet for them a few items. So, my first post back from this blackout, is… Continue reading Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

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Top 3 Anime To Watch On Netflix or Amazon

Hello everyone! Second Base Knight here, and today I will be discussing my top 3 anime that you can watch on either Netflix or Amazon 2018 (so far). So, I know how the anime community can be very passionate about this topic, so remember these are my opinion. If you believe another should be on… Continue reading Top 3 Anime To Watch On Netflix or Amazon

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League of Legends – Back To Basics

Learning The Simplicities Well hello there. You may be a little confused as to why I am writing gaming posts now, but as shown above there has been a little shake up, and we are testing to see how this will work. This post is basically about introducing you to League of Legends, and I'll… Continue reading League of Legends – Back To Basics

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Human Or Robot: Blade Runner

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! This week I have decided that I would review another must-see in the film industry, which will have another film released, in it's franchise. Blade Runner! Again I'm not going to warn you about spoilers, purely because it has been out for so long. Source… Continue reading Human Or Robot: Blade Runner

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Chaos In Order

Hello Everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about a topic, I think is rather important…Organisation. No, not like businesses or business empires, I mean the act of being organised. Many people think it’s about having everything in a certain place, and keeping it that way…well, for most of us (including me, since I work in a… Continue reading Chaos In Order

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Feather’s Crafts: Six Sides To A Drink

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’d written up a pattern for you guys. Sorry about that, I was working on the Bernat’s Sampler Blanket. I have a post on it, if you’d like to check it out. It took me a while, purely because I don’t have all day to work on it,… Continue reading Feather’s Crafts: Six Sides To A Drink

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Music Is The Way To My Stomach

Good after evening, and welcome to... My appetite. Today's blog post is brought to you by a 5 hour shift with no break and a reminder that the gig, I'm singing for this weekend, comes with dinner. And that's entirely what I want to talk about. Dinner. If there is anything in this world that… Continue reading Music Is The Way To My Stomach